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"We provide Merchants the Automation of their Consumer Finance Applications and the expansion of their consumer lender options"

"Only one application is needed to review side by side the best option for your customer"

"Our LARGE  lender network allows us to offer Business and Personal Loans up to $100k with Side By Side comparison.  A single loan application will be shared with up to 30 lenders"





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About Us

We're Here to Help.

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NavStars - The Most Robust Customer Financing Solution Anywhere !


With NavStars, merchants can offer their customers financing and they can be matched with multiple pre-qualified offers from competing lenders. Merchants can also access up to $100k in funds for their business needs.


Which means that over 30 partnered lenders and banks will be fighting for your business. Feels good, right? The best thing is, it all happens in under 60 seconds and it won't effect credit scores at the time of application.

A single application pre-approves ALL credit types with numerous lenders. That’s right… whatever your credit, we’ll find a loan for you!


You’ll even find “No Credit Needed” solutions. NavStars generates real, transparent offers from our trusted lenders that will include pre-approved loan amounts, loan terms, and APR. Compare your pre-qualified loans side by side, then pick the one that’s best for you. With NavStars, the power to choose is in your hands!

You Choose the Loan.


Why NavStars?

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At NavStars, we’re not a big corporation that sees you as a nameless, faceless number. We’re a group of business partners who understand that life happens and unexpected expenses arise. We want to help you increase your efficiency when processing financing applications for your customers and give everyone the best loan available based on THEIR needs.


Go ahead and browse all you want… it won’t affect your credit. And, you can feel safe knowing that we’ve personally vetted the banks and lenders within our network. 

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Ready to find your perfect business or personal loan? We'll walk you through the process. NavStars makes it easy, whether you have no credit or perfect credit! 


Interested in becoming a NavStars merchant?

Offer your customers another way to pay. One application equals multiple lender offers, regardless of credit... offers up to $100k!

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